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Sledge King
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Sledge, Sledges, Toboggans and sleds

Welcome to Sledgeking home of all your Sledge and Toboggan needs!

Thanks for visiting Sledgeking part of is a is selling and delivering all your favourite sledges stocked under one roof, founded in 1993. We have achieved this because our strategy is simple - Give you our customer the product you want at the lowest price delivered to your door in the quickest possible way - we always put you first!

At Sledgeking we cater for everyone to have fun no matter what age. We have a selction of Adult Sledges and Childs Sledges, with different designs stocked The UFO Sledge and also The Slider Sled.
here at Sledgeking we find the traditional sledge / tabbogan is the best selling, these can be found under the name of OmegaDelta. Not only do we stock a variety of sledges but we also cater for
all your scooter needs, wheather this be the all new best selling Razor Pro Stunt Scooter.
Not only does Sledgeking offer discounted prices to the public but by visting our trade area and showing interest we are able to offer a discounted price on wholesale items as well as the
public price. To show interest in this please send an enquiry to


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  Welcome to the all new Sledgeking website home of all your sledging needs! Supplying a wide selction of…

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

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